The War Against Wolves and Wildlife: Time to Stop the Killing

Have you seen the latest wolf killing atrocity? Take a look at what the state by state delisting has wrought! This revolting and cowardly image comes from the good old boys of Wyoming. I’m ashamed that they have an American flag… These are not the values of any “America” I want to be part of…


Feds Decide To Halt Western Wolf Hearings

More bullshit from state and federal governments in their efforts to squelch opposition to a blanket delisting of the gray wolf in the lower 48:

The Wolf Preservation Blog

sheep wolf

Colorado, Pacific Northwest public sessions terminated!!

“A decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to halt public wolf hearings in Colorado, Oregon and Montana  has met with criticism from environmental advocates such as the Defenders of Wildlife.

“We are very disappointed to see the Obama Administration and the Fish and Wildlife Service ignoring wolf supporters in some of the nation’s best remaining, unoccupied wolf habitat,” says Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders president.

The federal government is turning its back on Americans who want to see thriving wolf populations restored, adds Clark. “Those who oppose the Service’s premature and short-sighted delisting proposal deserve a chance to voice their concerns. By excluding their voices, the Fish and Wildlife Service is effectively cutting off public debate about the future of wolves in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest,” he argues.

The proposal to strip federal protection of the wolves across most of the U.S…

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Who got Caught in Wolf Traps in Idaho

Another post with “teeth” from my friend Jim Robertson, author of Exposing the Big Game

Exposing the Big Game

From the High Country News: April 29, 2013 P 3

What got caught in wolf traps in Idaho 2011-2012.

123 Wolves trapped

143 Number of people setting traps

557:111 greatest number of traps set and foot hold traps set

45:33 White-tailed deer caught and released alive

45:1 Coyotes caught and released alive

9:3 Lions caught and released alive

39:22 Others caught and released alive. Bobcats, geese, skunks, raccons, golden eagles and ravens.

$37,115 to $1,256,966 Estimated monetary value of ONE Northern Rockies wolf, based on tourism revenue.

$38.25: $333.50 Idaho residential tag and Non- resident tag

Based on a survey of 460 people who took the Idaho wolf trapper course and purchased a 2011-2013 license.

copyrighted Hayden wolf in lodgepoles

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Sarah Palin Has Found Her Niche with the NRA

As usual, my friend Jim Robertson hits the nail on the head… I’ve rarely seen anyone uglier than Palin. Inside or out.

Exposing the Big Game

The other night I watched the HBO movie Game Change, about John McCain’s selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his presidential running mate in 2008. After Tina Fey’s hilarious portrayal of Palin on Saturday Night Live I was half expecting a comedy, but this fact-based film stayed so close historical reality it should have been billed a horror flick. The thought of Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the red button that could launch our 7,000+ nukes on a president’s whim is beyond scary.

While Julianne Moore usually doesn’t do anything for me, her depiction of Palin at her highest, lowest and airheaded-est was spot on. It was almost painful watching a potential American VP be so clueless about foreign policy, domestic policy, or any other policy for that matter. Ed Harris as Senator John McCain was a bit of a stretch, but Woody Harrelson did a great…

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Nice post by Beckie Elgin on the status and meanderings of OR-7 and wolves in other places too.

Wolves and Writing

I tend to worry when I don’t hear about Oregon 7. My fears are of poachers, speeding cars, leg-hold traps, and cyanide poisoning. And there are more natural threats too, injury sustained while hunting, disease, or starvation, like the Alaskan wolf whose radio collar tracked his 2,000 mile travels then served to locate his emaciated body beneath a spruce tree.

But Journey is alive and apparently well. The California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) has devoted a website to him and provides an update on his whereabouts nearly every day. Journey has of late moved south from Modoc County into western Lassen County, near Nevada. While there are still no wolves in this location there are tons more humans. Modoc County boasts the lowest population in the state with just under 10,000 counted in the last census, while Lassen County has over 30,000. More potential for conflict, but on…

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