What does it feel like to have a wolf as a pet? What is it like to have a pet wolf?

Answer by Oliver Starr:

I love the question. Answering it has become a project.  Much more to come but for today, this is what it's like living with a wolf…

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Haven't updated here in a while but have thousands of photos and videos to organize.  We'e just started working with GoPro so expect to see some fun additions here from an entirely new perspective in the very near future!

5/6/2014 10:18PM
Dinner Time:

On Wednesday November 28th, Aqutaq and Bixby were feeling feisty. It was nice and cool outside.  But just look at how relentlessly she pursue's Bixby's tail.  Some days, if you're a Malamute, it's not so great living with a wolf:

On Saturday, Novermber 24th, Aqutaq was very excited and was running back and forth along the fence at the top of our property. There was something in the woods…


On Tuesday, November 20th Sandi Thompson of Bravopup (http://bravopup.com) came for a visit. We took Aqutaq to her "puppy-socials" and then to her puppy 1 basic training. Aqutaq is a graduate!  Sandi was so entranced by our amazing blonde creature that she asked to work with her more.  She's the only person besides my wife and myself that has ever had Aqutaq with her overnight.  It had been a year since Aqutaq had last seen Sandi and I bet my wife she'd recognize her and that there would be no doubt.  See for yourself.  After Sandi left, Aqutaq howled for half an hour.  She was calling out for her friend. I think she missed her more than anyone realized.

On Monday, November 19th I needed to clean Aqutaq's secure "condo" where she stays when we're not on the property.  She decided she wanted my push broom…

On November 17th we were hiking in the evening. Listen for the neighbor below howling back for Aqutaq. Now listen to her responses:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8_NhYPGDBw&feature=share&list=UUPSdsO3C_AUauiUpmnfSCTAOn November 16th, 2012 we took Aqutaq on a hike with a friend. She really wanted one of his treats… (look at the difference between her behavior and that of the two dogs, both patiently waiting for their treats!)

It was raining on Thursday, November 15th, Aqutaq came inside to get dry and made herself cozy on her bed with a toy and a towel. She looks like an angel here but this "precious moment" lasted all of 15 minutes and then the toy was toast.

On June 9th, 2011 it was like this:

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