Feds Decide To Halt Western Wolf Hearings

More bullshit from state and federal governments in their efforts to squelch opposition to a blanket delisting of the gray wolf in the lower 48:

The Wolf Preservation Blog

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Colorado, Pacific Northwest public sessions terminated!!

“A decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to halt public wolf hearings in Colorado, Oregon and Montana  has met with criticism from environmental advocates such as the Defenders of Wildlife.

“We are very disappointed to see the Obama Administration and the Fish and Wildlife Service ignoring wolf supporters in some of the nation’s best remaining, unoccupied wolf habitat,” says Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders president.

The federal government is turning its back on Americans who want to see thriving wolf populations restored, adds Clark. “Those who oppose the Service’s premature and short-sighted delisting proposal deserve a chance to voice their concerns. By excluding their voices, the Fish and Wildlife Service is effectively cutting off public debate about the future of wolves in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest,” he argues.

The proposal to strip federal protection of the wolves across most of the U.S…

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