Who got Caught in Wolf Traps in Idaho

Another post with “teeth” from my friend Jim Robertson, author of Exposing the Big Game

Exposing the Big Game

From the High Country News: April 29, 2013 P 3

What got caught in wolf traps in Idaho 2011-2012.

123 Wolves trapped

143 Number of people setting traps

557:111 greatest number of traps set and foot hold traps set

45:33 White-tailed deer caught and released alive

45:1 Coyotes caught and released alive

9:3 Lions caught and released alive

39:22 Others caught and released alive. Bobcats, geese, skunks, raccons, golden eagles and ravens.

$37,115 to $1,256,966 Estimated monetary value of ONE Northern Rockies wolf, based on tourism revenue.

$38.25: $333.50 Idaho residential tag and Non- resident tag

Based on a survey of 460 people who took the Idaho wolf trapper course and purchased a 2011-2013 license.

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