Nice post by Beckie Elgin on the status and meanderings of OR-7 and wolves in other places too.

Wolves and Writing

I tend to worry when I don’t hear about Oregon 7. My fears are of poachers, speeding cars, leg-hold traps, and cyanide poisoning. And there are more natural threats too, injury sustained while hunting, disease, or starvation, like the Alaskan wolf whose radio collar tracked his 2,000 mile travels then served to locate his emaciated body beneath a spruce tree.

But Journey is alive and apparently well. The California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) has devoted a website to him and provides an update on his whereabouts nearly every day. Journey has of late moved south from Modoc County into western Lassen County, near Nevada. While there are still no wolves in this location there are tons more humans. Modoc County boasts the lowest population in the state with just under 10,000 counted in the last census, while Lassen County has over 30,000. More potential for conflict, but on…

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