Joe Carnahan talks to me via Twitter

During the height of my protest about the revolting and inaccurate (as it relates to wolves) film, The Grey, I engaged the film’s director, Joe Carnahan (@carnojoe) on twitter. In particular I engaged him over the slaughter of four wolves for the making of his pathetic film. This is our coversation in images captured from twitter…

Note: I had to capture most of these because he would frequently delete his own tweets after posting them. Either because he lacked the courage of his convictions, was chastised by his PR or didn’t want to be caught in a lie. In any case it’s a little tough to read but the tweets speak for themselves. The guy is a moron, an egomaniac, a liar, paid for wolves to be slaughtered, and most of all, he’s a coward. See for yourselves:


5 thoughts on “Joe Carnahan talks to me via Twitter

  1. Hey, do you have sources on the killing of the wolves?

  2. owstarr says:

    Daniel – are you looking for links or the name of the trapper who did the killing?

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